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About Me

I have a long history in the psychology profession starting with behavioural work with autistic children in the 1980s to working within various counselling organisations including charitable, NHS, corporate and private.   I also consult on the use of psychological language, communication and behaviour in training materials for EU disaster recovery and management training courses.  

I am a bespoke therapist insofar as although I am classically trained I am a firm supporter in the individual rapport in the therapeutic relationship.  To that end I encourage new clients to meet with me to see whether we are a good "fit" for each other.   It is vital to any therapeutic relationship that you feel safe, confident and contained with whomever you choose.  

I also believe that not every client can find the right words to express how they feel or indeed may find the words too painful to think about,  let alone say.   I encourage clients to use song lyrics, poems, stories, family trees, etc to help them express their difficulties. Once we've opened that door together we can tackle the problems that lie inside.  Always together. 

As an accredited member of the BACP my practice is bound by and adheres to the BACP code of ethics and professionalism.

Everybody’s difficulties are unique and my approach will reflect your needs and the pace in which you want to work.



Sam Elderfield MBACP (Accred.)